Takin’ care of business

My first post here is short and straight to the point:  I hate poor grammar.  I hate it so much that I studied to become a copy editor—a dream that’s within my reach but near impossible to attain in this disappointing economy that has presented a competition too fierce for me to overcome.

So, as I come face to face with tidbits of writing that are written so poorly they make me cringe, I will document them here in order to build a portfolio of my skills as a copy editor.  Okay, and (I admit)  to get that giddy feeling I get when I correct a mistake.

Either way, it’s time for English speakers near and far to meet the Grammaniac.

2 thoughts on “Takin’ care of business

  1. I have a question.

    I will admit I have poor grammar and spelling skills. In part due to the environment I grew up in and what I believe to be a broken education. There is room for myself to take blame, but does ignorance make you lazy?

    So my question to all of you grammar police is, how do you improve your grammar and spelling when you don’t know what’s broken about it?

    Please do not flame me for asking.

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