Waiter! There’s an apostrophe in my hot dog!

In my very first post on this blog, I made this statement: “I hate poor grammar.”

I take it back.

I realized today, as I pulled up next to this vehicle at a red light, that finding grammatical mistakes makes me squeal like a little girl and as much as I hate it, I can’t deny that I have a sickening love for it as well.

Honestly, how does a person not know that apostrophe doesn’t belong in “hotdogs”?

2 thoughts on “Waiter! There’s an apostrophe in my hot dog!

  1. I know exactly what you mean concerning poor grammar. I organize a group of Scripture readers at our church. Each Sunday a different person reads the Scripture without commentary. While the various punctuation marks in Scripture are not inspired, men far greater than myself who had and have extensive knowledge of the original languages put them in. How different our understanding of Scripture would be without their valuable input. How we read and understand the Bible is greatly influenced by proper grammar. It influences how we read with the right inflections. Which, in turn, helps us understand more fully the intent of the passage being read.

    As to the “sickening love for it”, the picture made me laugh. If it had been spelled right would you have had all the different emotions you had when you saw it? I didn’t think so! Praise God for the fun he allows us to have in something as simple as this!

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