The King of typos

A friend, who recently read a copy of The Stand by Stephen King, found these typos for me (all in the same book, I kid you not!!!).

Typo #1: How do you fail to realize you misspelled “realize”?

Typo #2: “Tme.” I’ll give you a hint: it’s supposed to say “true.”

Typo #3: My absolute favorite: how stupid do you have to be to misspell the word “stupidly”?


M, N…what’s the difference, really?

I don’t have any wisecracks about this mistake, which is just your typical book typo (this one is from Bill Bryson’s Neither Here Nor There). I’m simply baffled by how the most obvious things go unnoticed. Take a look at the 8th line from the top, where the “n” in the word “costing” has been mistakenly replaced with an “m”.

Didja know….

….there’s a slight problem with this trivia tidbit?

This bit of trivia from a calendar reads: “Dragonflies have six legs by can’t walk.” I don’t even understand how someone wrote “by” instead of “but.” As far as words go, they’re really not very similar.

The girls’ guide to finding an editor who knows how to edit

I found this while reading The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing. I’ve read this sentence over and over…and over…and I still can’t figure out what it is actually supposed to be saying. I’m talking about four lines up from the bottom:

“. . .it was an on the same”? Right. *Hope continues to scratch her head in contemplation*

[Source: Bank, Melissa. (1999). The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing. New York, NY: Penguin Books.]

Hellman’s mayo, now with 50% less “N”!

How would Walgreens like it if I left an “e” out of their name?

I say it like that, of course, because they forgot an “n” in the word “mayonnaise” in their advertisement.