The fries were good, but…

I had a fabulous lunch at Shake n’ Take Burgers today. But even an enormous, delicious hamburger and a basket overflowing with freshly cut fries couldn’t stop me from taking a picture of the menu, which contains an incorrect spelling of the word “jalapeno.”

(Also, what’s a “grill cheese”? Even a four-year-old would tell you it’s a “grilled cheese.”)


Strike two for Walgreens

Back in April, Walgreens was advertising a special on mayonnaise and I jumped on the chance to point out a spelling error in the ad.

Well, folks, they’re at it again:

There’s no “A” in the word “efficient.” Ask the dictionary if you don’t believe me. In fact, it’s Walgreens…I’m sure they have a pocket dictionary in the store somewhere. Maybe the person in charge of the store’s sign needs to learn how to use it.

Oh, sweet redundancy

There’s a car wash next to my place of employment. Here’s a picture of its sign:

Note that the sign reads, “Our touchless automatic accepts debt and credit cards.”

Debt cards? Are those kind of like “matured” credit cards–credit cards that have lived long enough to run someone into debt?

This is a perfect example of how one little letter can change the entire meaning of a word.

This person must have had one high-quality education…

George W. Bush once said, “You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.” For today’s post, I’ve made an equally stupid quote of my own: You give a person a master’s degree, and he or she will be able to pass a speling test.

(Yes, I spelled “spelling” wrong intentionally.)

I have an obsession with reading the weekly submissions on Postsecret’s blog. Although a ridiculously high number of the postcards submitted have spelling and/or grammatical errors, I refrain from posting them here; I typically like to poke fun at published material or business-related material because it’s more unreasonable for those kinds of things to NOT contain perfectly polished grammar.

However, there was one submission today on Postsecret that I just couldn’t resist posting on my blog. This person deserves a lot of credit for going so far in their education…but the fact that they’re receiving a master’s degree and still can’t spell the word “nauseated” almost brings tears to my eyes.

And while I don’t want to be too nitpicky, I feel the need to point out the creator of this card didn’t bother putting an apostrophe in “master’s.”

Sure, I’ve got a question for you…

Riddle me this, Life Force team: Did you know your ad reads like it was written by someone foreign?

I came across this ad on the internet and immediately thought it sounded a little “off” altogether, but it’s the last word in the ad that really irks me:

Argh! Yet another person who needs to be sent back to the first grade to review the lesson on plurals.