Come on, folks, let’s be reasonable

I found a drug test form that recommends you arrive with a “reasonable full bladder.” What’s a reasonable bladder? I imagine an unreasonable bladder is the type that, when it comes time to use the bathroom, suggests that you go skydiving with a hippopotamus or get married to a frying pan (or any other unreasonable activity). I imagine that a reasonable bladder, on the other hand, would simply just let you pee and move on with your day.

What I’m getting at, pretty much, is that this should say a “reasonably full bladder.”

One thought on “Come on, folks, let’s be reasonable

  1. In fairness, had my bladder suggested that I should marry a frying pan, it still would have been a better suggestion than the marriage proposal my ex laid out for me. Should have gone with the frying pan!

    Ah, but then the feminists would have rioted. And I simply can’t have that.

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