Didja know… (Round 2!)

Every year in Boise these calendars (containing local community info and coupons) get sent out in the mail. They’re pretty handy to keep around, but the person in charge of editing them did a terrible job! Earlier this year I made a post about one of their mistakes, and now that the 2011 edition has come out I get to make another one…

Hearts beat faster than men? How fast does a man beat? And what’s a “women heart”? If this read, “Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s hearts,” it would make much more sense. But wait, there’s more:

Not only is this one bit of trivia missing a few bits of punctuation (apostrophes and commas), but “the drops is” is one of the stupidest offenses in the grammar justice system. Oh, and just because you can say “roller coaster” really fast doesn’t mean it’s not two words.


You’re a bad editors

This is from a ticket request form for Eastern New Mexico University’s Theatre Center. The first event listed on the form is You’re a Good Man, Charlies Brown. Did Charlie Brown clone himself, or did the “s” just sneak in there?

Repeat letterers are so annoyoying

We’ve all been guilty of getting distracted while typing and repeating words or letters within words. I usually like to double-check what I’ve typed before I print it off, though…

I hate it when my clothes stare

It’s been some time since my last post (damn it, people, where’s your poor grammar when I need it?!), but I’m back in action! Today, I’ll be making fun of the person who didn’t catch this error:

“Children’s Apparel Staring at $5.99.” I hope they sold enough clothing that day to hire an editor.