Untamed & Uncut…….and unedited

I will never be able to explain how I caught this, but I guess someone had to! While watching an episode of Animal Planet’s Untamed & Uncut, I noticed the last name of a married couple was spelled two different ways. In the first picture (pardon my camera’s unwillingness to photograph TV screens…), you’ll see the caption reads “Brandon McClure.”

In the same segment, Brandon’s wife is interviewed. However, you’ll notice the caption in this shot reads “Collette Mclure.” Sure, they’re pronounced the same way. But for crap’s sake, how can you make a TV show and fail to notice the last name of a married couple is spelled two different ways?

Sheesh, what would happen if a TV program captioned the President “Barack Obama” and his wife “Michelle Obamma”? It’s just unacceptable. I want to be in charge of this stuff.

(“Lions, Camera, Action!” from Volume 2 of Untamed & Uncut)


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