Some sleep would probably help

Budget Inn’s budget must be too tight to hire someone who knows how to use proper English. Not only does the use of the word “nite” in place of “night” irk me to no end (is it really that efficient to use four letters instead of five?), but it should be pluralized and it’s not. I’m also not sure what a “weely” rate would be, but I hope it’s cheaper than the “weekly” rate.


70 thoughts on “Some sleep would probably help

  1. haha i love when these signs leave out letters and somehow it spells something hilarious. or when a light is out and you just read whatever is lit. classic. congrats on being FP too!

  2. I have a serious laugh every time I pass a local laundromat. The sign has read “We fix skid marx” for three months. I’d be interested to learn how much business that has attracted for them!

    • Itsy bitsy rules for Itsby bitsy people. Lighten up people. Are you so locked into your grammar that you actually think you are more intelligent than the rest of the world because they have not memorized what you to perceive as correct usage?
      The language grows and changes over time as do the rules of grammar and even spelling.
      Do u remember the days when it was forbidden to split the infinitive. Its OK now.

      OH pardon me for using u in place of You πŸ™‚

  3. This kind of stuff drives me nuts!! I was just talking to a friend the other day about my adventures in online dating and my biggest pet peeve with it. I cannot stand the guys who send me a quick note or a lengthy email with no punctuation and at least thirty percent of the words spelled wrong. I am no genius but, I would hesitate to send something like that, especially if I was making an effort to put my best foot forward. I cannot figure out for the life of me why anyone would. Ok, rant over. Thank you kindly for allowing me to vent! πŸ™‚

  4. …oh, and thank you for sharing. Nice of me to go on and on about myself without acknowledging your post or the Freshly Pressed nod. Congrats!!

  5. Great post! I took a grammar class, and I can so relate–Now I see mistakes EVERYWHERE!

    Congrats for being published on Freshly Pressed!

  6. Great posts! being a Catholic school girl myself, I learned proper grammar. I live in Philadelphia. One of the local terms drives me nuts! i hear people say “yous” at least 50 times a day! Isn’t that the first thing they teach you in elementary English class? You is never plural. Keep posting. i will be back. Check out my blog while you are at it. Just restarted it. Having a fantastic time writing again! Have a great week!

    • Oh my gosh! My husband has extended family in PA, and their use of “yous” about makes me crazy!! Yikes! Guess it’s a Pennsylvania thing?? We never say that out West…

  7. I’m the kind of person who often wishes she carried a Sharpie around in her bag so I can fix mistakes on shop signs, etc…But there isn’t a Sharpie big enough to fix these ones!

  8. I worked in a high school and the custodian was in charge of our sign. Too bad the high school custodian was a high school dropout so we always had mislettered signs in front of our school. Even if he was handed a printed sheet with the words so he could copy it he screwed it up.

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  10. so is that 3 nites and a free one nite equals four nites or what????? hmmmmmmmm weely seems fun??? looks like their getting customers that has tight budget….great sign lol :p

  11. Greetings from India.
    A lot of such mistakes can be seen in smaller Indian towns and villages.

    Are you a Brit? ‘Night’ has been changed to ‘Nite’ by Americans and they are happy about it. Same goes with ‘Colour’ and ‘Color’. ‘s’ has been replaces with ‘z’ in a lot of words if it sounds like ‘z’. There are a lot of similar examples which are now correct spellings in US dictionaries.

    • I’m American. “Nite” is used in place of “night” in advertising (mostly), but it is not a proper spelling by any means.

  12. Great blog post – congrats on being Freshly Pressed too! I see grammatical errors all the time and it drives me crazy – especially “If I was…” versus “If I were…” and the “Wlcm to Kindergarten” sign at the elementary school. Are we getting our children ready for texting or just the “dumbing down of America”. Thanks for your post!

  13. hey, dude, do you really the guy who works for google, and every time when users send requests with mistakes, you just fix it for them and display the sentence “Did you mean “xxxx”? below the search box? i wonder?

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  15. Hiya and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! Great blog, I’m glad I found it. I am a trained linguist, so grammar mistakes drive me crazy. I get this urge to get my red pen out and cross things out whenever I see spelling mistakes. Which is pretty much everywhere these days. Signs like this one are kind of hilarious, but in a sad way, if it makes sense.
    Looking forward to your future posts.


  16. Look on the flip side – have they done it on purpose? Otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about this place…it’s like those awful adverts, but it’s the one’s we remember the most because they are *crap*.

    Could be a clever marketing strategy.

    Congrats on being FP!

  17. Why would you be irked over the misspelling of nite in lieu of night? I guess it might really tear you up if one said ain’t instead of am not.
    If these kind of things irritate you, then stay out of Houston Rush Hour traffic. πŸ™‚

  18. Lmbo. You ain’t kidding. And I could use some of that sleep…just so good, ole’ fashion sleep. I don’t care how you spell it, but the longer the better πŸ˜‰


  19. Love it. I have an entire album online filled with the grammatical errors and misspellings that appear in places where someone should have caught it before I did. My favorite of all time has to be this restaurant called “2 Chef’s Souparee.” This is their business name. They’ve sealed an improper plural possessive into their business name. Amazing.

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  21. I love/hate mistakes like that sign…I wonder if people are really that stupid…or are they bored, uninterested, etc. Then again maybe they don’t have all the letters in their box? Ha, ha!

  22. We have some amazing howlers here in India…..graffiti painted on walls that serve as posters for roadside shops. But then they really are not to blame as they are not educated and that’s the best that they could come up with.

  23. Read it with an Asian accent? Read it with a German accent? In both these cultures they don’t have the same vowel sounds as in English. What about in Welsh, where a typical sentence doesn’t seem to have any vowels at all? “Nos dawch!”

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