It takes only seconds to proofread this survey

I found this survey on a photo editing website. If the font was larger, someone may have caught the “its takes only seconds to answer below.”


3 thoughts on “It takes only seconds to proofread this survey

  1. “Its” or “it’s” ? How many native speakers of English know the difference anyway? How often in school do children learn (if they learn grammar at all) that the rule for third-person inanimate possessive (phew!) deviates from the normal rule for the possessive?

    By the way: “John’s shop” would originally have been “John his shop”. So “its support” (e.g.) would have originally been “it his support”. Or is that only an urban legend?

  2. One can only hope that, whoever put that together, they know more about medical products than English grammar.

    Could it be that such spelling mistakes are a consequence of the decline of reading? No wonder people are not coming to my website anymore . . .

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