Intelligence doesn’t come cheap

Dollar stores have some great bargains, but I was much more excited to stumble across these signs:

Sorry for the blurriness. (I’ll save you the headache: it reads, “Please not opened drinks or food in the store please thank you.”) I won’t even explain the various problems with this sign; if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, this whole blog is probably going to confuse the snot out of you.

The dollar store sells iodized salt, but they’d like you to believe it’s iodizes salt.

9 thoughts on “Intelligence doesn’t come cheap

  1. I saw a sign in a store today. advertising:

    “Hot” Coffee

    I thought of you immediately. I had the urge to tell them that I like my coffee to be actually hot, not “hot” hot (which I imagine to be sort of lukewarm), but I know from experience how much grief people behind the counter can suffer during a shift (and who knows if any of them actually wrote the sign — they might laugh about it just as much I did).

    • Oh my, next thing you know we’ll start seeing advertisements for tuna “fish” and macaroni and “cheese” (wait, bad example; it’s not real cheese anyway, is it?).

      At least they made it obvious, so you didn’t have to approach the clerk and say, “Your coffee isn’t cold, is it?” 😉

  2. I’m as much a lover of grammar as anyone else here, but that first sign is almost clearly written by someone who is relatively new to English. It makes me a little uncomfortable pointing out the mistakes in cases like this. This looks to me like an immigrant small business owner, someone trying his or her hardest and we could cut them some slack.

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