The hottest trend in spelling mistakes

It was almost a year ago that I made my first post featuring an incorrect spelling of “jalapeno.”

A few nights ago, I was reading a menu at the Red Room in Boise and spotted this one:

If “jalapeno” isn’t on the list of most commonly misspelled words, it should be.


I guess they can’t exchange the sign, either

Say this out loud as you read it. You’ll sound like you have an accent (unless you have one already, that is).

Netflix is hiring…

Netflix currently has over 100 open positions, none of which are for an editor of any kind. This upsets me. I received a DVD in the mail today and the description on the sleeve contains one doozy of a mistake. In the last sentence, “Donald’s” should simply be “Donald.” Netflix, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I might find the strength to truly forgive the editor

A coworker gave me a copy of Backpacking magazine so I could read the article “The Source of All Things.” The magazine is old (from 2007), but I’m pretty sure copy editors were supposed to be as skilled back then as they are now (or is that up for debate?). Take a look at the last sentence of the top paragraph and you’re sure to see the problem.

Apostrophe abuse!

This is just one picture, but the whole pamphlet was FULL of unnecessary apostrophes. Punctuation abuse is one of my biggest grammar-related pet peeves, so I had to post this if only to let off some steam. Since the picture is so busy, I’ll save you some trouble and point out that the offending words are “racer’s” and “toddler’s.”