I realize this sign has limited space, but I have a feeling the second “f” in “coffee” is missing due to lack of brains rather than lack of space. Also, what in the world is the first word on the second line supposed to be? When I first saw the sign, I thought it was supposed to say “odd items,” but it could also be “food items” or “good items.” The world may never know.

The last thing I wonder (that has nothing to do with grammar) is: what is an evening item?

5 thoughts on “Uh…what?

  1. …if you’re an illegal immigrant i wouldn’t go in,
    it looks like a sting operation for the barely literate wetback, altho, they might be expecting Lou Dobbs to pass through, perhaps one of the hispanic children named after him by adoring native american

  2. I am positively enthralled by this. Note if you look carefully at the permanent part of the sign, it appears they squeezed in the “s” in Restaurant” and they supply “Home Decore.” Apparently this refers to removing the core of a home.

  3. I would guess they must have run out of F’s, and I might suggest to them that when one is running an establishment with a “breakfast buffet” and also wants to promote “coffee” (if that is not at item most would understand to be available), then one should perhaps invest in another set of letters.

    I had the same question about the meaning of “evening items.” Truly, a mystery for the ages.

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