Friday: English tutoring

I know children who can spell Wednesday, but this person just couldn’t do it. The best part is that they abbreviated Tuesday and Thursday and tried (and failed) to spell Wednesday. I also hope Y decides to show up to the Cinco de Mayo party…


9 thoughts on “Friday: English tutoring

  1. Perhaps they used up all their Ys, and hoped that customers would just fill in the blanks.

    Was there not one person in the whole place who knew how to spell Wednesday? I will sometimes actually refuse to go in a place with terrible spelling on its reader board, especially places that make food. If none of the employees there knows how to use a dictionary, I tend to assume that they probably don’t know how to wash their hands, either.

    • Good point! I have several posts here from Dirty Harry’s car wash, and even though it’s right next to my place of employment, I refuse to wash my car there simply because their signs contain AWFUL grammar.

  2. I thought we all learned “Wednesday” in school. Grammar school. Apparently not. They must have run out of y’s. Although I’m thinking it could be Cinco de MaO, a new holiday combining both Hispanic and Chinese influences in celebration of the two biggest ethnic groups in the world!

    • Cinco de MaO, ha! If they would have abbreviated Wednesday like they did Tuesday and Thursday, they would have had another Y….

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