Grammar errors make the best souvenirs

Today I returned from a 6-day trip to the Oregon Coast. It was beautiful, I ate as if calories didn’t exist, and the weather (mostly) cooperated. Although I’m sad to be back in my brown, ugly homeland (Idaho), I did come home with some great grammar errors from the road. πŸ˜€

In Lincoln City, we passed by an antique shop displaying this sign in the window:

We also stayed in Portland for a night on our way home, and I found this little gem on the sign for our hotel:

(Not to change the subject, but if you visit Portland, do NOT stay at the Howard Johnson. Take my word for it!)

I also passed a Wendy’s in Portland that advertised having “the best fryes,” along with a “chedda” sandwich, although I wasn’t able to get a photo (damn you, Portland traffic!).

The best grammar mistakes, however, came from two menus I picked up at a couple of the places we chose for dinner. The first was Hilltop Cafe in Lincoln City:

The second was Geno’s in Astoria. They make one hell of a pizza, but their menu really did need some work:

All in all, I’d say the vacation was a success, in terms of relaxation AND grammar-hunting.

Winston, my cat, missed me while I was gone; he helped me scour the menus for grammar errors (meaning, he took a nap on them so I’d pet him instead):


4 thoughts on “Grammar errors make the best souvenirs

  1. Well, I just have to let you know that your blog always makes me smile. πŸ™‚ I’m reading a book called “Facing the Music” right now, and as usual I have already found what is (in my opinion) an obvious mistake in the spelling/grammar of the book. A character named Patti is in the book, and all through the first part of the book and everywhere else I have read in it so far they spell it as “Patti”. There is one instance that it is spelled “Pattie” but is referencing the same character.

    I frequently end up “editing” books while I am reading them, and I have done this since I was a little girl.

    • When I come across different spellings of character names in books, I nearly lose my mind! Inconsistent character names are a sign of some poor, poor editing…

      At least it provides a little bit of extra entertainment while reading, though. πŸ˜‰

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