Kids, don’t text and drive. Let me tell you why.

…Because if you text and drive, you could accidentally miss a letter and end up with something like this:

Wait. That was wrong. Of course what I meant to say was that texting and driving is dangerous.

I wonder what Idaho United Credit Union would have to say if they knew that I snapped this picture while I was behind the wheel. Crap, I did it again. Maybe I should have titled this post, “Grammaniac is a bad influence.”

Anywho, long story short: Don’t text and drive. The end.


An authentic spelling mistake

If you’re going to limit your sign to just one word, at least make sure it’s spelled correctly. Sheeeeeeeesh.

Hey, U-Haul: U Can’t Spell!

U-Haul’s price, selection, and convenience won’t be beat. Unfortunately, their spelling skills are easy to beat.

Nary loses $4 million; angry citizen loses an “E”

The city of Meridian, Idaho, just lost a lawsuit against the construction company that built its City Hall building in 2008–a lawsuit that will cost a total of nearly $4 million. One angry Meridian citizen decided to speak out against William Nary, the City Attorney, by painting some simple rants on some boards and attaching them to a trailer on the side of the road. Not only is their rant a little, oh, disorganized, but they forgot there is an “e” in “attorney.”

Pat, I'd like to buy an E. What? It'll cost me $4 million?!?!?!!

Happy (Grammatically Correct) Father’s Day!

Dad is awesome. The spelling on this sign isn’t.

Note to self: Don't order a cake from Baskin Robbins with the word "awesome" in the message.

Happy Father’s Day!

A classic case of “i before e”

Except after c.

Except when you forget the rule and you just spell the word however the hell you like.

Maybe they're just testing their clients.

Someone’s having a senior moment

Terrible at spelling or going senile? The world may never know…

Wine gets better with age; spelling doesn't, apparently.

The principle of the matter

There is a job posting in The Idaho Statesman‘s classifieds for a “High School Principle.” I remember this one from high school English class: it’s principal because the principal is your “pal.” Cheesy as it is, it’s the truth, and I certainly hope one of the job qualifications is knowing the difference between principle and principal.

Strike two for Netflix

I’m five episodes away from finishing the entire series of That ’70s Show on Netflix. I was about to start episode 196 when my boyfriend and I got sidetracked converting light years into inches (no, I am not joking). Not only did I fulfill my nerd quota for the day, but I also happened to notice a pretty stupid grammatical error on the screen while I was deep in thought about 9.462304521054039 to the 61st power:

I was pretty surprised to discovers this.


Honestly, I’m surprised this is the second time I’ve caught Netflix committing such an obvious grammatical crime. It’s such a large corporation, you’d think they’d be willing to hire a decent editor…