Harry Potter: The hidden episode?

The last movie in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, is currently in theaters. Only at Edwards 21 can you see the lesser-known Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. And here I was, thinking I’d finally seen the end. Silly me.


Strike SIX for Dirty Harry’s

Strike six, you say? Oh, you’d better believe it! I have officially lost all interest in contacting Dirty Harry’s about their grammar and spelling mishaps. That would be like giving up a source of income (if only I could make millions off this blog like I do in my dreams). Dirty Harry’s is a gold mine.

Go FORTH and learn proper English!

Side note for all who are interested: This is my ONE HUNDREDTH post!!! Wooooohooooooo! Thank you to all my readers for your never-ending grammar love, and please continue to share this blog with fellow grammar snobs! 😀

Short Sale

Short on letters, that is! A friend was kind enough to send this picture to me.

Fifty of what? Oh, you meant OFF. Oh, you meant 50 PERCENT off. Now I think we're on the same page.

Forget the hoarders, clean up your grammar!

If you’ve ever watched Hoarders, you know how much effort can go into cleaning up the home of one single hoarder. It’s too bad the same amount of effort isn’t expended on editing the episodes. The following is a screen capture from Season 2, Episode 10:

Let’s go back to Grammar 101 for a second, shall we? This statement describes Tra as being affected by two separate things: 1) The pressure of the day, and 2) Unsolicited advice. Given that fact, the caption should read “The pressure of the day and all the unsolicited advice are taking a toll on Tra.”

The less critical version of my inner grammar nazi, however, focuses on the BLATANT error in the statement. The possessive form of “its” should NOT HAVE A FREAKING APOSTROPHE!

Golly gosh.

Crazy, stupid proofreading

The Majestic Cinemas in Meridian, Idaho, offers movie-goers a brochure called Guide to the Movies. Although a more appropriate title would be Lots of Ads and a Few Movie Synopses, these brochures provide brief descriptions of upcoming movies.

Last week, as I awaited the start of Larry Crowne, I took a peek inside one of the brochures and found this little guy:

I prefer to avoid the use of mainstream pet names.

I scream, you scream

What grammar snob doesn’t scream at the sight of a misspelled word, such as “sandwich”?

I should just “mellow” out about these spelling errors, but…

Damn you all, phonetic spellers!

Not pictured: the bin below the sign, filled to the brim with bags of clearly labeled Jet Puff marshmAllows.

Two birds with one stone

I passed this sign today while I was driving and did a U-turn so I could pull over and take a picture (contrary to what I implied in my last post, I do not photograph anything while the car is moving). Once I’d turned around, I saw that the other side of the sign contained a second grammar error. Oh happy day!

Stipe (n.): a stalk in plants that bears reproductive structures. Oh yes, I've always found those very patriotic.

Sorry, but I'll be too busy having a great FOURTH of July.