Smooth move, Mickey D’s

I have a new favorite word. It’s “smootie.”


Dazed by the days

I suppose you can’t expect flawless grammar in a local publication that’s handed out for free in coffee shops. But I’m a grammar snob so I’ll complain if I want to. Here is a picture of an event schedule in a local paper:

Saying "every Tuesdays" is wrong every day of the week.

1. The word “everyday” is an adjective describing something that happens on a daily basis. This ad should read, “Every day except Thursdays.” (Sorry, is my nitpickiness showing?)

2. I’m not sure why the second event reads “Every Tuesdays.” I guess that S just really wants to fit in somewhere.

A medium-sized typo

When I was on vacation last week, I stopped at a gas station to use the restroom and had to stand in a frustratingly long line. Turns out it was for the best, because this is what I found while I was waiting:

Not cool, Zip Trip (pun intended).

An unfortunate fortune

After a delicious dinner at Kyoto’s, my boyfriend and I cracked open our fortune cookies. Unsatisfied with my vague fortune, I tossed it aside and read my boyfriend’s:

This is the result of a little TOO much confidence.

Aside from “Get you mind set,” I don’t understand why one of the lucky numbers is 7 and the other is 05 (with a zero). I guess free fortunes come at a cost…

Assorted standing still

Today at the dollar store I passed a display of sets of pretty envelopes with matching paper. In front of them was this sign:

Oh yes, poor grammar IS always an adventure.

Stationary, spelled with an A, is used to describe something that is standing still or fixed into place. Writing materials, such as those for sale at the dollar store, are called stationery (with an E). Nice going, Honks.

Repent, ye grammar sinners!

It’s a good thing this is a sign for the Church of the Brethren rather than the Church of the Grammar Nazis…