For this, I deserve a free pizza

I found this Domino’s coupon in the newspaper last week. It contains not one, not two, but (drumroll, please) THREE errors!

Let’s break this down, shall we? Domino’s should contain an apostrophe. Pizzas must be borrowing said missing apostrophe, since it shouldn’t have one. And lastly, I don’t know what a viggie is, but it sounds like the dimwitted cousin of a veggie.

I’d like my free pizza now, please.


Home improvement needs a grammar improvement

As my boyfriend and I walked through Home Depot tonight, I was griping about how their handwritten signs never contain any spelling or grammar errors. Moments later, I found this bucket in the hardware section:

The bucket sits right next to a sign advertising special order fasteners, so it’s a shame that they still can’t spell it correctly. Oh, well. At least I finally nabbed Home Depot. 😀

I’ve got a case for Judge Judy

A case of bad grammar, that is!

Cable One might want to revise this episode summary, as “an man” is about as improper as it gets.

It's that grammar error that gets ME punching and kicking.

(Thanks to my good friend LIBY for the contribution!)

D is for dummy

Not every word with a “d” sound actually contains the letter D. Some people just…can’t…grasp the idea. Take this sign on a mini refrigerator, for example:

Note that “refrigerator” on the sign on top of the box is spelled correctly. Come on, get your poop in a group!

Burger Belly Belly Burger: Or, a complete disregard for word order

Yesterday The Idaho Statesman reviewed a local burger joint that recently opened in Boise. I’d tell you the name, but I’m a little confused. The headline calls it “Belly Burger”…

But in the body of the article, the burger joint is called “Burger Belly”…

Bad copy editors! Bad!