I’ve got a case for Judge Judy

A case of bad grammar, that is!

Cable One might want to revise this episode summary, as “an man” is about as improper as it gets.

It's that grammar error that gets ME punching and kicking.

(Thanks to my good friend LIBY for the contribution!)

3 thoughts on “I’ve got a case for Judge Judy

  1. Judge Judy is constantly making grammatical mistakes herself, although she prides herself in correcting those illiterates whom she has on her show.
    #1. She says she feels badly about something…..wrong….she feels bad, since ‘bad’ is a predicate adjective, not an adverb.
    2. – something or other gave he the message….wrong….the objective case, him, follows all verbs except the verb ‘to be…..so you gave HIM the imessage.
    3. And this mistake she continually makes……you don’t loan something to someone…you LEND it. …loan is a noun, not a verb. I realize fully that with continual use by those ignorant of proper grammar, there is acceptance of gross mistakes. But with Judge Judy, in her position before millions of viewers, she should certainly not succumb to these vial and inexcusable mistakes in English grammar. …….Could be that JJ needs a re-fresher course in elementary grammar.

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