Home improvement needs a grammar improvement

As my boyfriend and I walked through Home Depot tonight, I was griping about how their handwritten signs never contain any spelling or grammar errors. Moments later, I found this bucket in the hardware section:

The bucket sits right next to a sign advertising special order fasteners, so it’s a shame that they still can’t spell it correctly. Oh, well. At least I finally nabbed Home Depot. đŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “Home improvement needs a grammar improvement

  1. Once again, this is an example of people spelling the way they speak: very carelessly and without much thought about the words themselves. It’s illustrated over and over with the word “mischievous” mispronounced “mis-chiev-ious.” Simply taking our language way too lightly annoys me plenty!

  2. Good catch! They’re hard to catch because they used to have a rule that they’d only hire college graduates with bachelor’s degrees in this area, because of all of the Micron layoffs.

    I thought of you tonight when my father threw a fit at Wheel of Fortune, because the final clue was “young calf.” He said “Redundant! Imprecise!”

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