Time to change schools!

In general, a school with a misspelled word on its reader board would have me doubting its quality of education. But to make matters worse, this is a private school that misspelled the word conferences. Parents, get your money back!

No class? Oh well, probably a waste of time anyway.


I hate when I get moths on my new car

It feels SO GOOD to be back on the blog! (Pardon my infrequent posts as of late; for those of you who aren’t in the loop, every minute of my free time is currently being consumed by NaNoWriMo. One-third of the way there!)

That being said, I have also had some car trouble this week and I spent some time today reviewing the terms of my warranty. Look at what I found:

Good to know my warranty covers moth periods...

And what the hell is going on with all the random capitalization? Maybe I should strike a deal that I’ll proofread their contract if they extend my warranty another, oh, ten years.