Strike SEVEN for Dirty Harry’s

I have a fantasy that involves purchasing a cheap pocket dictionary, wrapping it, and sending it to the owner of Dirty Harry’s as a Christmas gift. I’m not joking. One grammar error is forgivable, two grammar errors is embarrassing, and three grammar errors is a disgrace…but SEVEN? Seven is downright inexcusable. Seeing as it’s the holiday season (not hoilday, as Dirty Harry’s would say), I’ll find it in my heart to let them all slide. But Dirty Harry’s might want to make a New Year’s resolution and learn to proofread their freakin’ signs!

3 thoughts on “Strike SEVEN for Dirty Harry’s

  1. Boy, this makes me feel stupid. I see the obvious mistake, but the remaining six elude me. I’m thinking maybe “Brush-less” vs “Brushless”, or “Brushless, automatic” vs “Brushless Automatic” but really, I’m not sure. Care to point them out?

    • Oh, I see.

      I guess I’ll have to subscribe to your blog. That way I won’t miss the next joke that spans across multiple posts. 🙂

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