A fortune worth an ounce of crap

Let’s play a game. It’s called Pin the “is” on the fortune.

I am annoyed by this fortune–not only because there is no “is” after the word time, but because they unnecessarily abbreviated “ounce.” Really, there wasn’t enough space on that fortune for three extra letters?


Ten comics every grammar snob will appreciate

I spend a lot of time here making fun of poor grammar and embracing proper grammar, and I almost forget that other people do it, too. Today I bring you ten grammar comics that are sure to make any grammarian giggle.











There’s a supplement for everything these days

Or so it seems. However, there is not a supplement that provides the daily value of grammatical competence needed by people like my cat’s veterinarian, who spelled supplement wrong on the prescription label for this probiotic.

She may be able to spew out all kinds of fancy terminology related to a feline’s colon, but she still can’t spell worth a hoot.

By the way, here’s Orville, without whom this post never would have happened: