Stples cn’t spll

Even worse, Staples can’t spell their own name.

I guess part of that $15 in savings used to contribute to paying someone competent enough to spell the store’s name correctly.


Vacuums suck, and so does Netflix

Hey, Netflix: strike three, you’re out!

My addiction to How It’s Made led me to tonight’s post. In the descriptions for Season 8, Episode 21, Netflix misspelled “vacuums” three times.

Get it together, Netflix! Now that you’ve separated your DVD rentals and instant watch services, surely you’re profiting enough that you can hire some decent editors……….right?

The game might be creepy, but the grammar is terrifying

One of my readers sent me an email that absolutely brightened my day. Nintendo is undoubtedly searching for a new copy editor after a whole batch of “Resident Evil: Revelations” was distributed with this doozy of a typo:

More of a revelation than they bargained for.

Thanks to Katie for sharing this awesome picture!

Literal translations for the amateur grammarian

I’m SO TIRED of seeing this kind of thing: “Your such a good friend!”

Hell’s bells, is it really that hard to understand???

Someone once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I’d say it was Gandhi, but apparently his utterance of these words is debatable. Anyway, I yell at and poke fun at and criticize the people who make “obvious” grammatical errors, yet I never do anything about it. I’ve compiled the grammatical errors that drive me most batty so that I could present them in such a way that might make sense to the people who don’t understand my frustration. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a series of pictures that will translate, quite literally, what is really being said when something is written using improper grammar.

Visit to learn more about how to use there, their, and they’re correctly.

Visit to learn how to master to and too.

For a quick, simple lesson on your and you’re, go to

I would hope you’d know the difference between the two, but if you’re in need of are/our help, click here.

For the love of Pete, please learn the difference between then and than by clicking here.

It’s simpler than it looks. (Haha, I’m punny!) Learn more here.

Become an accept/except expert here.

If you still think I’m too anal about grammar, get off my blog and go read some Craigslist ads.

Not special enough


Let’s hope the owner of this window tint shop has the darkest windows this side of the Mississippi (to protect him from embarrassment, of course). Several people throughout Boise are discussing this “speshial” sign.

This space is available for judgment

Punctuation? Bah, who needs it?

Well, Walmart needs it. I guess they’re too busy saving money and living better to bother using punctuation. (My deepest apologies for the glare in the picture. Believe me, I tried my damnedest to get one sans lights.)

I hate it when people don't use periods you can't tell where the sentence ends shame on you Walmart.