Served with Red Pen Dipping Sauce

Following my latest post, it is pure coincidence that I passed this KFC sign.  Is it possible that the everlasting rumors about KFC using genetically mutated chicken are true?  “Snow” cones aren’t really made of snow, and one of the world’s most popular suppliers is called SnoShack.  Notice the missing w?  Maybe “chicken” is missing a c because these bites aren’t really made of chicken.

Which begs the question, what is “chiken”?  Let’s play another round of DEFINE IT!  Leave your clever definitions in the comments section and let’s see if we can figure out just what $4.99 will get you at this KFC.


6 thoughts on “Served with Red Pen Dipping Sauce

  1. “chiken” n. A mutant dog, known for its tendency to gnaw on small domesticated flightless birds. (Please excuse my typos, O Wise and All-Powerful Grammaniac.)

  2. N. A genetically altered form of the common bard yard fowl; these monster fowl, as scientists have christened them, are often used for their rubbery thighs and pre-breaded breasts by the corporate machine in an effort to maintain their “low, low prices.”

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