Pojo’s needs some mojo

Today I attended an 8-year-old’s birthday party at a local arcade named Pojo’s.  Though I spent (ahem…wasted) about ten dollars trying–and failing–to win the stupid Pile Up game, taking these photographs didn’t cost me a penny:

Offordable.  Offordable?!  Of course, the sign is supposed to be advertising “affordable” fun, but what I’m seeing is a word pronounced “offered-able.”  But hold on–it gets better!  Once inside, I snatched up some of the pamphlets and flyers on display that advertise special events and birthday party packages.  One pamphlet describes Pojo’s as “tobbaco free” (correct spelling:  tobacco), while the other exhibits numerous examples of apostrophe abuse.  In fact, despite the presence of the apostrophe in the Pojo’s sign (see picture), neither the pamphlets nor the arcade’s website include an apostrophe in the name.  So, what’ll it be, Pojo’s?  Apostrophe or no apostrophe?  Make up your mind, already!

Honestly, I was going somewhere with this rant.  I think the employees at Pojo’s could really stand to benefit from the quarters I wasted on Pile Up–they should consider spending them on a dictionary!


6 thoughts on “Pojo’s needs some mojo

  1. Apostrophe abuse has been driving me crazy lately! I see it everywhere. Why do people think they need to pluralize words with an apostrophe?

    Offordable? Really?

  2. Apostrophe misunderstanding runs rampant. The worst example I remember is when a friend of mine was going to special order a door sign for a newlywed couple and he had spelled their name “The Smith’s” (not their real name). It took me 10 minutes to convince him NOT to order it spelled that way, and even then he asked other people. Can you imagine if you got that as a wedding gift–would you hang it on your front door?

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