These sandwiches are missing something

I understand the English language can be confusing.  At an early age, we are taught that adding an s to the end of words makes them plural.  Sock becomes socks, caterpillar becomes caterpillars, and airplane becomes airplanes.  However, every now and then you need to pluralize a word that already ends with an s, or one that ends with an x, z, ch, or sh.  If you simply add an s to the word box, you end up with the word boxs, which, when spoken aloud, sounds like an utterance of a slurring, drunk person.  This is why–complex as it may seem–some words are pluralized with an es rather than just an s.

Someone at Sonic missed the memo.


You say briscuit, I say brisket

I met up with my mother tonight to have a drink and celebrate the new job she starts next week.  On our table was a menu of “weekend specials” and the first item listed is Smoked Briscuit.  The Smoked Briscuit is beef brisket smoked with rum-soaked oak chips.  (Okay, spelling error or not, this sounds mighty delicious.)  To make matters worse, the description of the entree contains no punctuation.  It’s a couple of commas and an n-dash short of making any sense.

Bardenay is also a distillery, so I guess their assumption is that their patrons are too drunk to care.  Strangely, my grammarscope works extra well when I’m under the influence!

Honeymoon grammar

Ladies and gentlemen, the Grammaniac is proud to announce that she is now a married woman!  Yes, you read that correctly–there is a man on this planet who is happy to put up with me, even when I scold him for his poor grammar.

Only a true grammar snob would be on the lookout for grammar and spelling errors while on her honeymoon.  (In fact, my mother is just itching to tell you all about how, on the day of my wedding, I begged her to stop on the way to the ceremony so I could take a picture of a sign containing a misspelled word.  She refused to turn the car around, so there will be no post featuring this sign.)

Strangely enough, grammar errors were harder to find in southern California than they are here in Idaho.  However, I didn’t walk away empty-handed.  My one and only Californian grammar error comes to you courtesy of Ahi Sushi & Grill in Alpine: