Honeymoon grammar

Ladies and gentlemen, the Grammaniac is proud to announce that she is now a married woman!  Yes, you read that correctly–there is a man on this planet who is happy to put up with me, even when I scold him for his poor grammar.

Only a true grammar snob would be on the lookout for grammar and spelling errors while on her honeymoon.  (In fact, my mother is just itching to tell you all about how, on the day of my wedding, I begged her to stop on the way to the ceremony so I could take a picture of a sign containing a misspelled word.  She refused to turn the car around, so there will be no post featuring this sign.)

Strangely enough, grammar errors were harder to find in southern California than they are here in Idaho.  However, I didn’t walk away empty-handed.  My one and only Californian grammar error comes to you courtesy of Ahi Sushi & Grill in Alpine:

10 thoughts on “Honeymoon grammar

  1. Grammaniac: (eyes closed) “Ohmygodohmygodbreathebreathebreathe.” Me: (eyes open, I’m driving) “It’s normal to have butterflies when your getting married.” Grammaniac: (eyes open now) “Breathebreathebreathe oh my God they only put one “R” in “burrito”. Can you believe it? Turn the car around so I can get a picture.” Me: (laughing so hard tears clouded my vision and I almost peed my pants,)

    And since when do you go into a sushi restaurant?

    • “It’s normal to have butterflies when your getting married.”

      The restaurant was by the hotel and they had quite an impressive Chinese menu. In fact, I’d highly recommend this place to anyone who’s traveling in Alpine, California. 😀

  2. Writing is strictly another means to communicate; so, as long as the message is apparent it should be fine. I do not see the need for grammar nazi’s such as yourself to swing their “Big Hammer of Doom” simply because they catch a blunder mistake, and/or mispelled word, especially on the internet. It’s quite amusing that you started a blog simply to assert this pseudo-image of dominance you have onto those poor folks who simply made an error. With all that said, I still wish you a happy marriage.

    • @EpicKash: this is the type of comment that is meant to provoke conflict, so instead of debating your point, I will use my time in a more valuable way. Having said that, I would like to point out that all of my posts feature errors that are made in a purely professional sense (businesses, organizations, etc.). To say that I’m swinging my “Big Hammer of Doom” at mistakes made on the internet is simply false.

      All in all, if you don’t agree with what I post, please feel free to spend your time elsewhere. 😀

  3. Hmm, you took that better than I expected. I admire that actually. Looks like you’re telling the truth, about not correcting mistakes online, as you didn’t take the “bait” in my last post. Alright, I suppose we have different opinions on this matter, so I’ll try not to bother you about this again. Anyhow, regardless of my criticism of this blog, I still like how it’s set up. It’s nicely themed; props to you on that.

    • I should point out that she corrected my grammar in my response for two reasons: 1. She knows I know the difference between the forms of “your”, but that I can’t type worth beans and auto-correct is my nemisis. And 2. I’m her mother, so I’m sure I deserve it for nitpicking something at some point in the last 27 years.

      • Every word you speak is the truth! Remember that one time you said that shoving all of my toys under my bed wasn’t “cleaning my room”? I think we can now call it even.

  4. Hello! New follower here. Firstly, congratulations on your nuptials! May you both have a long and happy life together!! Secondly, this comment thread made me laugh (out loud). I like your style. Finally, should you ever be so inclined, you have full license to correct any of my grammar or spelling that you encounter; I suspect we are kindred souls in seeking perfection in that regard (yet I am so far from it).

    • Hello, and thank you! It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow human who seeks to write well. You’ll see me post criticisms aplenty, but I can promise you’ll never be the target. I tend to be lenient on my readers (except for my mom–she’s fair game because her phone autocorrects her grammar that is usually pristine 😉 ).

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