You say briscuit, I say brisket

I met up with my mother tonight to have a drink and celebrate the new job she starts next week.  On our table was a menu of “weekend specials” and the first item listed is Smoked Briscuit.  The Smoked Briscuit is beef brisket smoked with rum-soaked oak chips.  (Okay, spelling error or not, this sounds mighty delicious.)  To make matters worse, the description of the entree contains no punctuation.  It’s a couple of commas and an n-dash short of making any sense.

Bardenay is also a distillery, so I guess their assumption is that their patrons are too drunk to care.  Strangely, my grammarscope works extra well when I’m under the influence!


14 thoughts on “You say briscuit, I say brisket

  1. This is my pet peeve. If you’re going to sell a product (whether it’s food or not), you should make the effort to learn how to spell it OR find someone who can spell to prepare your promotional material for you.

    Maybe it really doesn’t matter, as this “weekend special” will only be upsetting the grammar nerds for a couple of days, but I would still have corrected it and give it to the manager.

    • Furthermore, this particular restaurant is one of the more “decent” places to eat/drink in the city. One would think (or at least hope) they’d put more effort into preserving their reputation in all aspects.

      • You wouldn’t believe it (I didn’t) but we’re having brisket for dinner tonight. Our new neighbour works at a local butcher shop and offered to provide the meat for a joint dinner tonight. He has done a lovely rolled brisket with lots of spices. We’re going to slow cook it in our BBQ – putting it on now (2:45pm) – should be interesting.

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