These sandwiches are missing something

I understand the English language can be confusing.  At an early age, we are taught that adding an s to the end of words makes them plural.  Sock becomes socks, caterpillar becomes caterpillars, and airplane becomes airplanes.  However, every now and then you need to pluralize a word that already ends with an s, or one that ends with an x, z, ch, or sh.  If you simply add an s to the word box, you end up with the word boxs, which, when spoken aloud, sounds like an utterance of a slurring, drunk person.  This is why–complex as it may seem–some words are pluralized with an es rather than just an s.

Someone at Sonic missed the memo.


10 thoughts on “These sandwiches are missing something

  1. I just wrote a post today concerning Toyota Camry drivers, and at one point needed the plural of the car. “Camries” seemed wrong, and I didn’t like “Camry’s” either. I finally bit the bullet and just went with Camrys. It bugs me, so I’ll probably find a way to re-write the sentence. (I’m open to input!)

    Say,… you know why you can never starve in the desert? Because of the sand which is there! 😉

  2. This blog is right up my alley! I have collected photos of misspelled signs for decades (was even written up in my local paper for doing so) and someday will create a photo montage of such. In my blog — recently started — I will write about that ubiquitous apostrophe, misspellings and the confusion of subject/object pronouns. Since I just began, I only have two posts on it but I hope you will follow me and see others, particularly those that deal with grammar.

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