A wild disagreement

Almost all of the posts on this blog are of misspellings and typos, but that doesn’t mean I don’t ever find more complex grammatical errors.  Exhibit A:  the sticker on the back of a bottle of Wet N Wild eye makeup remover:

The instructions for application indicate you should wipe a moistened cotton ball over your eyelids until “all traces of eye make-up has been removed.”  Ahem.  This statement appears to be absent of subject-verb agreement…

Since all traces of eye make-up is a plural subject, the sentence should read, “Moisten cotton ball and sweep over closed eyelids until all traces of eye make-up have been removed.”  This is basic grammar we’re supposed to learn in elementary school!

There’s a lesson in this post, kids:  if you don’t pay attention in school, the grammar police WILL find you and make fun of you.

9 thoughts on “A wild disagreement

  1. And then the rest of us will laugh and laugh (yes, at you).

    And it’s so easy when you just remove the words that apparently confused the writer, “All traces … has been removed.” [sigh]

    The one that I always thought was cute was the usual shampoo instructions: 1. Lather. 2. Rinse. 3. Repeat.

    What… like… forever?

  2. Nice! I always remove the preposition in my head to help me with subject-verb agreement. Verb agrees with subject, not object of the preposition.

    Sigh. Such is the life of a Grammar Nazi.

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