Grammar gold

First things first:  Happy New Year!

Back in November, I saw this ad on Facebook and forgot all about it until I was sifting through my “Pictures” folder this morning.  (Note to self:  you have too much crap on your computer.)


The obvious mistake is in the statement below the photo.  By sharing the photo, you’re not going to “get this rings.”  You might get “this ring” or “these rings,” but “this rings” is something a stupid person would give away.

I’m also curious about the claim that one winner will be drawn on 29th.  Yeah, there’s a period after “29th,” so I can only assume that’s the end of the sentence.  And is the winner drawn–as in, sketched–or is their name drawn from a hat or a raffle drum?

I wish you all a happy 2013 and hope you all stick to your resolutions for at least a week.


8 thoughts on “Grammar gold

  1. Excellent catches! I’ve got another question: is this an English or American advertisement? If is is American then it has two more words missing. Whether it’s one error or two, I leave to your keen eye!

    Happy New Year!

  2. English Grammar – signs of a future lost language? Had a student in a past life/career that failed a class in ENG 101. She sent me a e-mail describing how insulted she was about a late essay that sealed her doom. It read in part, “…I don’t never not turn my papers in on time.” Imagine a person who can write a sentence with a triple negative…I would be stuck with such an assignment. Creativity with language.

  3. Love it! I myself consistently fight the uphill battle to get people to stop their egregious abuses of the Queen’s good English. Glad to know I’m not alone in the fight! 🙂

    Julien Haller

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