So you want to be an English Star?

I have been struggling to compile a list of super awesome online games to help children who are struggling with grammar.  During my research, I discovered a game called “So You Want to be an English Star?”  The first (logical) thing to do was to click on the button labeled “How to Play.”  And this is what I got:


A true English Star would know that there are three levels.  The game developer is more like an English Nebula.

(Please excuse my nerdy cleverness.)

The game’s questions are also a bit…well, questionable.  Going into more detail would mean I’d rip the game to shreds and use excessive amounts of profanity, so if I’ve piqued your curiosity, feel free to see for yourself how awful this game is.

I’m also sad to report that my search for grammar games wasn’t very successful.  Apparently there isn’t much demand for associating grammar with fun.  Meanwhile, somewhere in America, a teenage girl is giggling over her use of the word “redonk.”  Welcome to the deterioration of society!

Thankfully, my hunt was not 100% disastrous.  I did find a game called “Trapped” that combines punctuation practice, a variety of games, and a nice little animated story.  My future children will thank me later.


10 thoughts on “So you want to be an English Star?

  1. In grade school we learned our grammar through “Shirley Grammar.” We had a bunch of jingles that we used to learn the different parts of speech and how to remember them. The jingles part was fun but I remember a lot of other kids being bored to death. I on the other hand enjoyed our grammar class but that was just because I was (still am) a bit nerdy like that. 🙂

  2. Did I ever tell you the joke about the sequel to the well-known grade school English book, Better Grammar? They called it More Better Grammar!

    And you can definitely number me among those who think English is being reduced to a pale shadow of what it once was and that that is a real shame. We lose the shades of nuance and subtlety that make communication rich and interesting.

  3. I played the game, it’s not really about grammar. It’s about sorting slowest to fastest, sorting and organizing. The grammar part is barely in there. And I was looking forward to a good grammar gaming session…

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