Go home, job posting, you’re drunk!

There are no words.



21 thoughts on “Go home, job posting, you’re drunk!

  1. Seems like “fauclty” proofreading!

    I lived in Caldwell, for a short while, but I never heard of College of Western IdahoAlbertson College, Boise State, (I hope I got the names right!) and something else, but not that one.

    Their salary range is impressive, too.  No driver’s license required makes sense:  Where would you go driving, inside your classroom?  🙂

  2. I applied for a position as a copy editor at a marketing firm a while back. After six weeks of back-and-forth; the guy writes me back with a generic thanks-but-no-thanks, and then spells the name of his company wrong.

  3. Because I’ve been applying for so many different employment opportunities, I’ve seen my fair share of stupid typos. I just wind up shaking my head in disbelief.

  4. I am appalled at the spelling error, but not as much as the salary range. Seriously? A master’s degree for $40,0000?. Gosh, you can be a manager at McDonald’s and make that much! This world is a joke.

  5. I stumbled on your blog and thought it was amazing that there were two of us out there that love to exploit poor spelling and grammar in places where it is not acceptable to make such errors… but to discover that there are 2 of us in Idaho is, well, um. My mind is blown.

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