Grammar Snob Quickie Quiz #2

Happy Monday!  Happy second day of adjusting to the stupid time change!

Can you sense the sarcasm in this morning’s post?  Sorry, it’s hard for me to conceal my disgust for a day that begins with a trip to the dentist.  😦

I was pleased to see that many of you enjoyed my first Grammar Snob Quickie Quiz last week.  For the curious minds out there, here are the overall results:


I’m giving a virtual pat on the back to the 63% who passed the quiz.  The rest of you have a chance at redemption; take this week’s Grammar Snob Quickie Quiz!

10 thoughts on “Grammar Snob Quickie Quiz #2

    • I’m not finding it, so I can only assume you’re referring to “octopods.” Is that correct? If so, it’s not a mistake–“octopods” and “octopodes” are both correct. 😉

      • Ah, but I didn’t ask about the plural of “octopus.” The question was to identify the term that cannot be used to describe more than one octopus.

        There are a lot of “theories” and “rules” that have been analyzed to determine what is acceptable to describe more than one octopus. Not everyone agrees on what is “correct,” so at this point we can only establish what is acceptable. If you do some reading, you’ll find that octopuses, octopi, and octopods are all acceptable.

  1. All octopi are octopods but not all octopods are octopuses. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. (By the way, did you notice marks ‘octopi’ and ‘octopods’ as spelling errors?)

    • Again, see above. I’m not saying you’re not correct, but I’m reiterating that the question asked what is acceptable. If you spend some time researching you’ll find that no one will simply agree on a 100% perfect answer.

      On a side note, if you do a Google search for “octopods,” Google will produce a big box with information about the octopus.

      WordPress does not mark “octopi” as a spelling error (for me, at least). However, it does mark “WordPress” as a spelling error, if that tells you anything. 😀

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