Looking for Can’t Spell Road? Just follow this map.

Cafe Rio recently opened in Boise and they put an ad in a local paper with a convenient little map that shows where they’re located. They share a parking lot with Cabela’s, the outfitter giant, but someone forgot to check the spelling of the famous name.


For this, I deserve a free pizza

I found this Domino’s coupon in the newspaper last week. It contains not one, not two, but (drumroll, please) THREE errors!

Let’s break this down, shall we? Domino’s should contain an apostrophe. Pizzas must be borrowing said missing apostrophe, since it shouldn’t have one. And lastly, I don’t know what a viggie is, but it sounds like the dimwitted cousin of a veggie.

I’d like my free pizza now, please.

In the market for some spelling errors?


Last night, I made a trip to the store to buy some fudge bars and left with something even better:

I see some spelling that needs to be disinfected...

Rapsberry: the official flavor of Ghostface Killa?

Spelling mistake fresh from the oven

Walmart advertises being able to top Winco’s price on Freschetta pizzas. Too bad they can’t spell the brand correctly…

Proofreading is safer than looking stupid

When they say, “Specifically compounded for each individual’s needs,” does that also include a need to be more literate?

Assorted standing still

Today at the dollar store I passed a display of sets of pretty envelopes with matching paper. In front of them was this sign:

Oh yes, poor grammar IS always an adventure.

Stationary, spelled with an A, is used to describe something that is standing still or fixed into place. Writing materials, such as those for sale at the dollar store, are called stationery (with an E). Nice going, Honks.

I should just “mellow” out about these spelling errors, but…

Damn you all, phonetic spellers!

Not pictured: the bin below the sign, filled to the brim with bags of clearly labeled Jet Puff marshmAllows.

A classic case of “i before e”

Except after c.

Except when you forget the rule and you just spell the word however the hell you like.

Maybe they're just testing their clients.

Someone’s having a senior moment

Terrible at spelling or going senile? The world may never know…

Wine gets better with age; spelling doesn't, apparently.

The principle of the matter

There is a job posting in The Idaho Statesman‘s classifieds for a “High School Principle.” I remember this one from high school English class: it’s principal because the principal is your “pal.” Cheesy as it is, it’s the truth, and I certainly hope one of the job qualifications is knowing the difference between principle and principal.