Something’s missing

I saw this ad at the grocery store today, but it’s missing something. Could it…could it be the rest of the letters in “Pepperidge”?

Sheesh! First “Wensday,” now this? (By the way, The Quarter Barrel updated the other side of their sign and they STILL spelled “Wednesday” wrong). What’s with all the shortcuts in the English language lately?

The rapture didn’t happen, but this spelling error sure did

The word “rotisserie” already has French roots, so I’ll never know why Walmart felt the need to make it sound so extra-French. Just because you have low prices doesn’t mean you can spell things any way you please!

They missed their target

It’s going to be hard to target traffic if you don’t know how to spell. “Targeted” has only one t.

It’s not just one missing apostrophe…

I’d like to start this post off by saying I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother’s Day. I spent mine eating my body weight in fattening food and giving bunny ears to my mom in a sentimental mother-daughter photo shoot.

Mother’s Day just wouldn’t be complete without some bad grammar, so here’s an ad I found that is missing–count them–FOUR apostrophes:

Shame, shame. Happy Mom’s Day, all.

What’s in a name? Some extra letters, apparently

Someone taped this sign to a cart FULL of boxes of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, yet they still couldn’t spell it right.

Bathroom humor

Today’s picture comes to you courtesy of an advertisement in a public restroom. Maybe that explains the shitty grammar (pun intended).

I get the sense someone got stuck on the “i before e” rule and decided to play it safe by sandwiching the i between two e‘s and calling it good.

Also, let’s not ignore the 3rd and 4th lines–“FREE Admission to games on Sunday-Tuesday Night Games.” Did they have to be so redundant with the word “games”?

Apostrophe abuse!

This is just one picture, but the whole pamphlet was FULL of unnecessary apostrophes. Punctuation abuse is one of my biggest grammar-related pet peeves, so I had to post this if only to let off some steam. Since the picture is so busy, I’ll save you some trouble and point out that the offending words are “racer’s” and “toddler’s.”

Intelligence doesn’t come cheap

Dollar stores have some great bargains, but I was much more excited to stumble across these signs:

Sorry for the blurriness. (I’ll save you the headache: it reads, “Please not opened drinks or food in the store please thank you.”) I won’t even explain the various problems with this sign; if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, this whole blog is probably going to confuse the snot out of you.

The dollar store sells iodized salt, but they’d like you to believe it’s iodizes salt.

It takes only seconds to proofread this survey

I found this survey on a photo editing website. If the font was larger, someone may have caught the “its takes only seconds to answer below.”

I hate it when my clothes stare

It’s been some time since my last post (damn it, people, where’s your poor grammar when I need it?!), but I’m back in action! Today, I’ll be making fun of the person who didn’t catch this error:

“Children’s Apparel Staring at $5.99.” I hope they sold enough clothing that day to hire an editor.