Didja know… (Round 2!)

Every year in Boise these calendars (containing local community info and coupons) get sent out in the mail. They’re pretty handy to keep around, but the person in charge of editing them did a terrible job! Earlier this year I made a post about one of their mistakes, and now that the 2011 edition has come out I get to make another one…

Hearts beat faster than men? How fast does a man beat? And what’s a “women heart”? If this read, “Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s hearts,” it would make much more sense. But wait, there’s more:

Not only is this one bit of trivia missing a few bits of punctuation (apostrophes and commas), but “the drops is” is one of the stupidest offenses in the grammar justice system. Oh, and just because you can say “roller coaster” really fast doesn’t mean it’s not two words.

Didja know….

….there’s a slight problem with this trivia tidbit?

This bit of trivia from a calendar reads: “Dragonflies have six legs by can’t walk.” I don’t even understand how someone wrote “by” instead of “but.” As far as words go, they’re really not very similar.

Motivational FAIL

I love this calendar because the people who made it didn’t waste any time on the poor editing; they started off using “to” instead of “too” on the very first page.

I had to resist the urge to bust out the bottle of correctional fluid and add another “o” to the end of the word. Seriously, I was embarrassed to have a grammatically incorrect calendar displayed on my cubicle wall at work.