I hate when I get moths on my new car

It feels SO GOOD to be back on the blog! (Pardon my infrequent posts as of late; for those of you who aren’t in the loop, every minute of my free time is currently being consumed by NaNoWriMo. One-third of the way there!)

That being said, I have also had some car trouble this week and I spent some time today reviewing the terms of my warranty. Look at what I found:

Good to know my warranty covers moth periods...

And what the hell is going on with all the random capitalization? Maybe I should strike a deal that I’ll proofread their contract if they extend my warranty another, oh, ten years.

It’s a good thing I did a spell check…

While researching for an article I was writing, I made the mistake of utilizing Yahoo! Answers. After filling in the subject line, I was notified of a spelling error in my question. I read over my four measly words several times and I simply did not see this supposed offending spelling error. So, finally, I opted to do a spell check before I proceeded with the detail portion of the form.

And this is what I got.

I just…I can’t…nope, I have no words for this.

Thanks, Yahoo! Answers. I would have looked like an idiot asking a question about scholarship statistics when I really meant to ask about schostatip statistics.


You’re a bad editors

This is from a ticket request form for Eastern New Mexico University’s Theatre Center. The first event listed on the form is You’re a Good Man, Charlies Brown. Did Charlie Brown clone himself, or did the “s” just sneak in there?

Come on, folks, let’s be reasonable

I found a drug test form that recommends you arrive with a “reasonable full bladder.” What’s a reasonable bladder? I imagine an unreasonable bladder is the type that, when it comes time to use the bathroom, suggests that you go skydiving with a hippopotamus or get married to a frying pan (or any other unreasonable activity). I imagine that a reasonable bladder, on the other hand, would simply just let you pee and move on with your day.

What I’m getting at, pretty much, is that this should say a “reasonably full bladder.”