Ten comics every grammar snob will appreciate

I spend a lot of time here making fun of poor grammar and embracing proper grammar, and I almost forget that other people do it, too. Today I bring you ten grammar comics that are sure to make any grammarian giggle.











Strike SIX for Dirty Harry’s

Strike six, you say? Oh, you’d better believe it! I have officially lost all interest in contacting Dirty Harry’s about their grammar and spelling mishaps. That would be like giving up a source of income (if only I could make millions off this blog like I do in my dreams). Dirty Harry’s is a gold mine.

Go FORTH and learn proper English!

Side note for all who are interested: This is my ONE HUNDREDTH post!!! Wooooohooooooo! Thank you to all my readers for your never-ending grammar love, and please continue to share this blog with fellow grammar snobs! 😀


This was on Postsecret’s blog this week:

Not to sound like a nerd, but reading this made me giddy. Every day, I have to fight the temptation to edit my coworkers’ e-mails (I have an extra hard time not doing this to upper management). I can’t imagine the conniption fit I’d have if one of my teachers used improper grammar.

The ten best grammar-related lolcats

One thing I’ve never mentioned here is that I’m a cat FREAK. My closest friends are afraid to say the word “cat” in my presence for fear of listening to me ramble on about cats for an hour without taking a breath.

For those of you who are familiar with lolcats, you know the truest form of a lolcat contains the worst spelling and grammar ever witnessed by mankind. For the sake of understanding this post, please check out the website if you’ve never seen a lolcat.

I’ve seen some pretty cute lolcats that poke fun at the traditional lolcats by donning proper grammar and spelling. So, to mix things up a bit here on my blog, I’ve dedicated an entire post to my ten favorite grammar-related lolcats.











Now, don’t get me wrong. I love lolcats and I think their intentionally horrific grammar is hilarious. In fact, when I imagine the thoughts my own cat is having, I always envision his grammar is pretty awful. He is, after all, a cat. 😉