Dazed by the days

I suppose you can’t expect flawless grammar in a local publication that’s handed out for free in coffee shops. But I’m a grammar snob so I’ll complain if I want to. Here is a picture of an event schedule in a local paper:

Saying "every Tuesdays" is wrong every day of the week.

1. The word “everyday” is an adjective describing something that happens on a daily basis. This ad should read, “Every day except Thursdays.” (Sorry, is my nitpickiness showing?)

2. I’m not sure why the second event reads “Every Tuesdays.” I guess that S just really wants to fit in somewhere.


I might find the strength to truly forgive the editor

A coworker gave me a copy of Backpacking magazine so I could read the article “The Source of All Things.” The magazine is old (from 2007), but I’m pretty sure copy editors were supposed to be as skilled back then as they are now (or is that up for debate?). Take a look at the last sentence of the top paragraph and you’re sure to see the problem.

What kind of message makes up for being blown off?

From Cosmopolitan: the editor didn’t get the MESSAGE that the activity involving rubbing and kneading of the muscles is actually spelled massage.