USPS Part 2: The postmaster isn’t an English master

Oh my. Look what I found inside the post office yesterday:

Where do I even BEGIN with this sign? Firstly, the machine to the left must be really lonely without its broken companion if the postmaster is assigning the task of pleasing it to its customers. Secondly, how is it that the postmaster noticed that “right” was incorrect, but failed to notice that the word “use” was absent?

What baffles me the most, however, is that the postmaster couldn’t take an extra ten seconds out of his or her day to simply write out a new, clean note. Nice reputation you’re making for yourself, USPS!


Snicker snicker

I snickered (pun intended) when I saw this sign taped to a box of Snickers bars in the grocery store.

A dollar and thirty-nine cents doesn’t get you a lot these days, so I’d like to think it’s a good deal for a sniker. But that begs the question: what is a sniker? Sounds like a good opportunity for round two of “Define It”! If you think you know what a sniker is, leave your clever definition in the comments section!

Due for a grammar lesson

A good friend of mine dropped her children off at daycare recently and she sent me a photo of this sign that was on display:

It’s comforting to know that a very lucky group of young children is being exposed to such high-quality grammar. NOT!

More dollar store grammar that isn’t worth a penny

I visited the dollar store yesterday. Going to the dollar store is like embarking on a treasure hunt. I hate for it to sound like a stereotype, but dollar store grammar is just awful! Take, for example, this sign I found yesterday:

Not a sweet deal

I passed a gas station yesterday that was advertising a sale on Nestle and Wonka candy. Notice something wrong with the sign? Wait, scratch that. Notice TWO things wrong with the sign?

Double fail.

To be honest, I’m not too surprised a company whose name is a misspelling of the word “maverick” would produce this double whammy.

Star treatment

Katie sent me this picture and I couldn’t resist sharing. The TV show Drop Dead Diva is filmed where she lives, and these signs are set out when they film outdoor scenes. Apparently there is only one extra on the show.


Instead of poking fun at #1 Nail Salon for misspelling the word “scrub,” I’ve come up with a new idea. In the comments, submit your own definition of the word “srub.” Maybe (just maybe) if we give it a real meaning, this sign will make a fraction of a percentage of sense.

Stples cn’t spll

Even worse, Staples can’t spell their own name.

I guess part of that $15 in savings used to contribute to paying someone competent enough to spell the store’s name correctly.

Not special enough


Let’s hope the owner of this window tint shop has the darkest windows this side of the Mississippi (to protect him from embarrassment, of course). Several people throughout Boise are discussing this “speshial” sign.