A classic case of “i before e”

Except after c.

Except when you forget the rule and you just spell the word however the hell you like.

Maybe they're just testing their clients.

Someone’s having a senior moment

Terrible at spelling or going senile? The world may never know…

Wine gets better with age; spelling doesn't, apparently.

The principle of the matter

There is a job posting in The Idaho Statesman‘s classifieds for a “High School Principle.” I remember this one from high school English class: it’s principal because the principal is your “pal.” Cheesy as it is, it’s the truth, and I certainly hope one of the job qualifications is knowing the difference between principle and principal.

Something’s missing

I saw this ad at the grocery store today, but it’s missing something. Could it…could it be the rest of the letters in “Pepperidge”?

Sheesh! First “Wensday,” now this? (By the way, The Quarter Barrel updated the other side of their sign and they STILL spelled “Wednesday” wrong). What’s with all the shortcuts in the English language lately?

It’s not just one missing apostrophe…

I’d like to start this post off by saying I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother’s Day. I spent mine eating my body weight in fattening food and giving bunny ears to my mom in a sentimental mother-daughter photo shoot.

Mother’s Day just wouldn’t be complete without some bad grammar, so here’s an ad I found that is missing–count them–FOUR apostrophes:

Shame, shame. Happy Mom’s Day, all.