Lost in translation

In tonight’s post, I’m going to stray–ever so slightly–from the subject of grammar.  I will, however, keep the topic within the realm of the English language.  I invite you to join me as I laugh mercilessly at an advertisement for a vest.

In high school, I studied French for three years.  I’m all too familiar with the frustration of translation; therefore, I understand that imperfect translations are bound to happen:

Chinese to English: could be worse…

But there’s a big difference between an imperfect translation and downright gibberish.  (Click to enlarge.)

Korean to English: ouch, my brain!


Wait, I’m not finished laughing.


Because I have firsthand experience with trying to speak a language I hardly know, I can’t justify criticizing this awful translation.  However, that doesn’t mean I won’t laugh my ass off every time I read it.


Assorted standing still

Today at the dollar store I passed a display of sets of pretty envelopes with matching paper. In front of them was this sign:

Oh yes, poor grammar IS always an adventure.

Stationary, spelled with an A, is used to describe something that is standing still or fixed into place. Writing materials, such as those for sale at the dollar store, are called stationery (with an E). Nice going, Honks.

It takes only seconds to proofread this survey

I found this survey on a photo editing website. If the font was larger, someone may have caught the “its takes only seconds to answer below.”