More dollar store grammar that isn’t worth a penny

I visited the dollar store yesterday. Going to the dollar store is like embarking on a treasure hunt. I hate for it to sound like a stereotype, but dollar store grammar is just awful! Take, for example, this sign I found yesterday:

Assorted standing still

Today at the dollar store I passed a display of sets of pretty envelopes with matching paper. In front of them was this sign:

Oh yes, poor grammar IS always an adventure.

Stationary, spelled with an A, is used to describe something that is standing still or fixed into place. Writing materials, such as those for sale at the dollar store, are called stationery (with an E). Nice going, Honks.

Intelligence doesn’t come cheap

Dollar stores have some great bargains, but I was much more excited to stumble across these signs:

Sorry for the blurriness. (I’ll save you the headache: it reads, “Please not opened drinks or food in the store please thank you.”) I won’t even explain the various problems with this sign; if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, this whole blog is probably going to confuse the snot out of you.

The dollar store sells iodized salt, but they’d like you to believe it’s iodizes salt.