You say briscuit, I say brisket

I met up with my mother tonight to have a drink and celebrate the new job she starts next week.  On our table was a menu of “weekend specials” and the first item listed is Smoked Briscuit.  The Smoked Briscuit is beef brisket smoked with rum-soaked oak chips.  (Okay, spelling error or not, this sounds mighty delicious.)  To make matters worse, the description of the entree contains no punctuation.  It’s a couple of commas and an n-dash short of making any sense.

Bardenay is also a distillery, so I guess their assumption is that their patrons are too drunk to care.  Strangely, my grammarscope works extra well when I’m under the influence!

Officer, I swear to drunk I’m not God

I spotted this sign when I drove past the business yesterday (and by “business,” I mean “bar”). I think someone had a few too many drinks before they changed the lettering on the sign.

What lesson can we take away from this? Don’t drink and sign.