Nary loses $4 million; angry citizen loses an “E”

The city of Meridian, Idaho, just lost a lawsuit against the construction company that built its City Hall building in 2008–a lawsuit that will cost a total of nearly $4 million. One angry Meridian citizen decided to speak out against William Nary, the City Attorney, by painting some simple rants on some boards and attaching them to a trailer on the side of the road. Not only is their rant a little, oh, disorganized, but they forgot there is an “e” in “attorney.”

Pat, I'd like to buy an E. What? It'll cost me $4 million?!?!?!!

The origen of cinammon

At the pet store today, I stumbled across TWO misspellings. Unacceptable!

Exhibit A: “Cinnamon” is spelled incorrectly.

Annnnnd, Exhibit B: They were able to spell “budgerigars” properly (I admit, I had to research to make sure they did!), but not “origin.”

An employee at this pet store walked around the corner just as I was photographing these signs. She didn’t say anything to me, but she (understandably) gave me an odd look. I thought about explaining myself but I chickened out. I’ll admit, I’m not as assertive as I should be. So I’m wondering, do any of my fellow grammar snobs point out grammatical errors when you see them in public places?