Pojo’s needs some mojo

Today I attended an 8-year-old’s birthday party at a local arcade named Pojo’s.  Though I spent (ahem…wasted) about ten dollars trying–and failing–to win the stupid Pile Up game, taking these photographs didn’t cost me a penny:

Offordable.  Offordable?!  Of course, the sign is supposed to be advertising “affordable” fun, but what I’m seeing is a word pronounced “offered-able.”  But hold on–it gets better!  Once inside, I snatched up some of the pamphlets and flyers on display that advertise special events and birthday party packages.  One pamphlet describes Pojo’s as “tobbaco free” (correct spelling:  tobacco), while the other exhibits numerous examples of apostrophe abuse.  In fact, despite the presence of the apostrophe in the Pojo’s sign (see picture), neither the pamphlets nor the arcade’s website include an apostrophe in the name.  So, what’ll it be, Pojo’s?  Apostrophe or no apostrophe?  Make up your mind, already!

Honestly, I was going somewhere with this rant.  I think the employees at Pojo’s could really stand to benefit from the quarters I wasted on Pile Up–they should consider spending them on a dictionary!


You need some grammar lessons and stuff

I probably shouldn’t be surprised that a business called “Fish Aquariums and Stuff” would misspell the word clearance.

Served with Red Pen Dipping Sauce

Following my latest post, it is pure coincidence that I passed this KFC sign.  Is it possible that the everlasting rumors about KFC using genetically mutated chicken are true?  “Snow” cones aren’t really made of snow, and one of the world’s most popular suppliers is called SnoShack.  Notice the missing w?  Maybe “chicken” is missing a c because these bites aren’t really made of chicken.

Which begs the question, what is “chiken”?  Let’s play another round of DEFINE IT!  Leave your clever definitions in the comments section and let’s see if we can figure out just what $4.99 will get you at this KFC.

One stop porn (and bad grammar) shop

I hope you all appreciate today’s post, because taking this picture required that I pull into the parking lot of a porn shop in a sleazy part of town. I doubt the patrons of the shop give any kind of hoot about spelling and grammar, so it’s up to me to make fun of the fact that “remodel” is misspelled on BOTH sides of this sign.

Speaking of replacements…

Here’s a box that could use a replacement label. You know, a label with correct spelling.

P.S. Don’t forget to submit your grammar lolcats for the next “Grammar Cats” video! Only four days left! Click here for details.

USPS delivers (poor grammar, that is!)

I’ve heard that securing a job with the United States Postal Service requires a passing grade on a big, long, grueling test. Having never taken the test, I don’t know what it entails. My guess would be that there is no reading and writing portion of the exam. Drum roll, please:

Ahhh, there’s the government, hard at work as usual!

Snicker snicker

I snickered (pun intended) when I saw this sign taped to a box of Snickers bars in the grocery store.

A dollar and thirty-nine cents doesn’t get you a lot these days, so I’d like to think it’s a good deal for a sniker. But that begs the question: what is a sniker? Sounds like a good opportunity for round two of “Define It”! If you think you know what a sniker is, leave your clever definition in the comments section!

More dollar store grammar that isn’t worth a penny

I visited the dollar store yesterday. Going to the dollar store is like embarking on a treasure hunt. I hate for it to sound like a stereotype, but dollar store grammar is just awful! Take, for example, this sign I found yesterday:

They must have camouflaged the correct spelling

This tank was in the reptile section of a local lawn and garden store:

I’m no reptile expert, but I know how to spell “veiled.” (Yes, I did Google it to make sure there’s no such thing as a veild chameleon.)