Vacuums suck, and so does Netflix

Hey, Netflix: strike three, you’re out!

My addiction to How It’s Made led me to tonight’s post. In the descriptions for Season 8, Episode 21, Netflix misspelled “vacuums” three times.

Get it together, Netflix! Now that you’ve separated your DVD rentals and instant watch services, surely you’re profiting enough that you can hire some decent editors……….right?


Strike two for Netflix

I’m five episodes away from finishing the entire series of That ’70s Show on Netflix. I was about to start episode 196 when my boyfriend and I got sidetracked converting light years into inches (no, I am not joking). Not only did I fulfill my nerd quota for the day, but I also happened to notice a pretty stupid grammatical error on the screen while I was deep in thought about 9.462304521054039 to the 61st power:

I was pretty surprised to discovers this.


Honestly, I’m surprised this is the second time I’ve caught Netflix committing such an obvious grammatical crime. It’s such a large corporation, you’d think they’d be willing to hire a decent editor…

Netflix is hiring…

Netflix currently has over 100 open positions, none of which are for an editor of any kind. This upsets me. I received a DVD in the mail today and the description on the sleeve contains one doozy of a mistake. In the last sentence, “Donald’s” should simply be “Donald.” Netflix, you should be ashamed of yourself.