So predictable

Last week, I began composing a text message to my best friend to wish her a happy Thanksgiving.  The predictive text feature on my phone has always been pretty useless.  For instance:  if I type the word “boo,” it suggests I might be trying to type “hop,” and if I type “finish,” my phone thinks I meant to type “Fijan.”  But I have to say, my Thanksgiving text really takes the cake.

When I say “thanks,” my phone says “grammar.”  I totally see the resemblance.

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Kids, don’t text and drive. Let me tell you why.

…Because if you text and drive, you could accidentally miss a letter and end up with something like this:

Wait. That was wrong. Of course what I meant to say was that texting and driving is dangerous.

I wonder what Idaho United Credit Union would have to say if they knew that I snapped this picture while I was behind the wheel. Crap, I did it again. Maybe I should have titled this post, “Grammaniac is a bad influence.”

Anywho, long story short: Don’t text and drive. The end.